A September Good List

Hope everyone’s September is going well!  For us Floridian’s, Hurricane Irma just blasted through town and we are all just catching our breath.  Despite the chaos and disruption to our normalcy, these sorts of events always seem to draw me closer to the things that are of most value, and for that reason, life on the other side of them is always strangely good.

For me, the weight of family and relating to one another is always illuminated.  Mine has always been particularly close, and the generosity of spirit that I sense from my folks in times of need never ceases to warm me.  We felt like a can of sardines all packed together at their place, but it was a happy, happy home despite the storm.

The integrity of Wild Taproot was another highlight for me as I sat down to begin a post on my slow-beauty practices (coming soon!).  It was incredibly reinvigorating to my passion for slow and intentional living, and I can’t wait to delve a little deeper into what it means for Wild Taproot to embody the tenets of slow-beauty and slow-medicinals (and why you should too).

But first!, a good list, including some of my favorite slow-beauty picks.  These good lists have always been a sort of therapeutic token for me.  They remind me that more gratitude means more joy and contentedness, and that we should always fall in love with the little things.


  1. St. John’s College book darts.  I love to read.  These help. : )  Also, they remind me of the dreamy college I attended in Santa Fe, NM, where it was all gold-sunsets-over-a-beer-and-the-Illiad-while-atop-Monta-Luna-on-the-big-wooden-swing.  Life was slower.
  2. Bringing back the hanky.  I’ve put together quite a collection!  I love to tie them to my purse or tote strap, or stuff them in a pocket.  But really, they are just amazing for makeup smudges, small spills, a hand wipe, or a nose.
  3. Wild Taproot NeoClassic Bitters.  Serious digestion support.  I just always keep these in my purse.
  4.  I’ve been sort of obsessed with my new coffee ware.  You can go to their website and design your own, so that’s pretty cool.  Search for KeepCup.
  5. Wooden Nail Brushes.  I’ve been doing some experimental research on organic and natural nail care recently.  So stay tuned for that!
  6. Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick in Mauve is a big favorite of mine.  It’s the perfect rosy pink that’s just a touch bright, but *not* loud.  I love.
  7. Wild Taproot Tulsi Ma Complexion Water.  It is my ultimate reset/refresh spritz for hydration.
  8. Not pictured is my favorite podcast, A Time and A Plate.  Nerdy food history.
  9. Primal Pit Paste.  I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a deodorant/sweat protector that is both natural AND effective.  A long time.  This works.  I love the lavender.  It’s classic.
  10. My gold hoops.  Effortless and easeful (not a word) beauty.  And a gift from my dad.

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