I'm sheepishly sharing this a tad early. Technically summer does not leave until September is ending, and in Florida it can last into October. This soup came together nonetheless. It had been a great Saturday - taught a yoga class in the morning and then headed over to the Cummer Museum and spent some time goofing off with friends and our kids.

Thursdays are for a photograph, a quote or poem, a list, a thought… something that has been circulating in my mind or my life throughout the current week. Mudita is a teaching of the Buddha, and much like its more well known sister teaching of Metta, or loving kindness,  it is primarily concerned with how we relate to others.

These little gems are a spin off of the Herb Fairy Cookbook's Dandelion Cookies that popped into my inbox this afternoon.  John Gallagher over at LearningHerbs.com and his family, have put together sweet little videos along with their free cookbook (you can download it here).  The Herb Fairy book series' and cookbook's intent is to get our children outside and involved in the world of plants.

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