When it comes to getting proper nutrition a wonderful, underutilized tool we can look to is our own sense of taste. Each flavor is recognized by sensors on the tongue and beyond in the digestive tract to signal the brain, and then send a cascade of actions through the digestive system. But there is one important taste that rarely gets to our palates in this modern age: bitter.

Who doesn't love spring's thaw?  Even in Florida, I find myself waking up when spring arrives, just as the earth's floor.  Edible weeds sprout and the flowers bloom bringing us an incredible number of tasty nibbles- if we know where to look!  Inspired by what was growing around me, I decided to put this ricotta plate together. Last summer was #ricottasummer.  Basically, I was obsessed and ate it all the time.

          For quite a while now I've been infatuated with the idea of reveling in what is ordinary and routine, the things that are equated with drudgery.  We go above and beyond to avoid tasks and chores because they are boring and mindless.  Cutting an onion or peeling garlic, washing the dishes, folding the laundry, washing our makeup off, flossing-- these can become the greatest annoyances

This is the perfect refreshing sipper after an indulgent meal when you're feeling heavy and full.  You know what I mean- indigestion, possible bloating or flatulence (cue the Pepto Bismal jingle).  As in,  "This meal isn't going anywhere any time fast."  It incorporates both aromatics AND bitters, which encourage and support digestion in different ways.  Aromatics are herbs that have a high concentration of volatile oils (essential oils) whose nature

"To know and not do is not yet to know." Zen Proverb Well this quote sort of blew my mind yesterday with its pithy truthiness.  Let's all just speak and live in the sweet truth.  Doesn't that just feel so good?  Ugh.  Yes, yes it does.  This is exactly how it goes with me and my water consumption.  I know I ought to drink more.  I even feel dehydrated.  But do

Washing my face is a step that I shamefully admit I skipped for years.  After those good ole middle school years were behind me, I never did have oily skin that made washing regularly a necessity, so surely that played a role in my eschewing this step.  But also, as I became more attuned to what foods and products my mouth and skin eat respectively, I started to find a

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