Good List Holiday Edition

Good Lists

One of the things I’m most fond of doing is making lists. They are what I have coined ‘good lists’, and I’ve been doing this listing of sorts since middle school. I used to believe that these were somehow a waste of time. A pastime that was satisfying no doubt, but a grade-a time waster. But the more I reflect on it’s usefulness, I see that actually, listing is an exercise in slanting my perspective, haunting the roses, and reveling in my appreciation for even the tiniest scraps of wonderment.  Freckles, really good/doesn’t taste like cereal milk chai, leather, the satisfying snap of a lock, that incredibly tender cuddle from your child when he wakes up from a nap, seeing the breeze in plants, handsome stripes, cherries, hats!, and the lists go on.  But its always served me as an important tool for self-care as a sort of impromptu sign-post gratitude journal.

Shop Small, Shop Thoughtfully

As far as lists go, I wanted to craft a list this year that might guide folks to some great gifts for the holidays.  Most are from small businesses (shop small!) and made here in the United States, some are local to Jacksonville, but there are a handful that are not. : / Regardless of where you purchase your gifts for the holidays, my rule of thumb is to always shop with intention.

While I definitely don’t consider myself a maximalist, one couldn’t call me strictly a minimalist either.  My aesthetic is more less, than more, and I’m drawn to the practice of minimalism. It feels right in my bones that everything around us should be useful, or tickle our aesthetics and appreciation for its design. But looking around my home, around my closet certainly, I couldn’t say I’m minimalist. Instead, I like to think that I am curating my life, choosing carefully that which I want to surround myself. With that said, these are some of the things I have admired over the course of 2018!  Enjoy!

The Gifts

  1. Chelsea Double Sconce from Urban Outfitters :: I stalked this wall sconce for months!
  2. Traditional Greek Peppermill by Peppermill Kitchenware Inc. at Someone close to me told me my peppermill was totally useless, so I haven’t yet pulled the trigger (terrible expression), but I have my eye on it. It looks as though it will last forever.
  3. Tequila Ocho is perfect for the top-shelf spirits lover in your life. This tequila is single estate, and each batch is single field, meaning that all of the agave harvested to brew that batch was from one field. The agave is then cooked in brick ovens in the traditional manner and made using local mineral water.  All of these elements work together to enhance its terroir, or sense of place! (Fun fact: Wild Taproot will be using Tequila Ocho exclusively in all of our extractions in 2019.)
  4. Ula Botanic Perfume Balm :: One of the most beautiful solid perfumes I’ve ever seen.  The vessel itself was designed by the incredible jeweler Takara, who I also recommend checking out.  Love her rings and bangles.  Simple, organic yum.
  5. Esby Fisherman Tote from Esby Apparel is known mostly for her draping linens, but I am in love with this bag. Also, I don’t know why it took me so long, but I’ve been super into wearing black lately.
  6. Sisters shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are gentle and micro-biome friendly!
  7. Configuration Earrings by Sophie Monet :: You can find these dears at, one of my favorite online shops. 
  8. Spoon Rests by Pigeon Toe :: Here’s another item you can find at Sensing a trend?  Yes, I love this website. But I also love this spoon rest. It’s perfectly simple, doesn’t take up a crazy amount of space physically, visually, or otherwise, and I love it.
  9. Base Glow by One Over One :: The perfect base layer to even out the skin without risking foundation-cake-face (totally a thing) or drying you out, both of which compromise the glowy look we all would love to sport naturally. Also, almost completely natural. 94% natural, specifically.  Anyhow, I love a minimalist approach to my beauty routine, and this one makes it easier.
  10. Pecan Oil by Congaree and Penn :: An absolute delight to drizzle on salads or veggies! I LOVE this pecan oil. Like, a lot.
  11. Signature Set by RMS Beauty :: I use the Mod Collection allllll the time.  Again, it’s easy to apply, blends incredibly well, and makes me look effortlessly glowy.  It’s also made with shockingly few ingredients, all of which are natural.
  12. Magic Hands by artist Jennifer Ament :: I bought this print and spent a leg on getting it matted and framed, but it is easily one of my favorite things in my home.
  13. Signature Earl Grey by Leaves and Flowers :: I am a lover of herbal tisanes, but one of my other beverage obsessions is a really, really good earl grey.  This one might be magic.
  14. Cloutier Ceramics embodies a certain design that I love- minimal with organic materials. I adore her work! In fact, when I “window shop” online (ie: fill up my cart with everything I want to buy and then close the tab) I love to go here.
  15. Corpus Naturals deodorant is exactly the sort of product I want to buy and make- it achieves a natural product, luxurious feel and experience, and minimalist packaging.  Triple threat. Also, it works. Quadruplet threat!
  16. Mexico From the Inside Out is the cookbook by Enrique Olvera of Pujol Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in the world.  I just bought it a few months ago, so I have yet to work my way through everything, but its a beautiful book. Perfect for food inspiration and cultural admiration.
  17. OhGee Jewelry by Shannon Rose Green are graphic, modern and simple. Totally eyeing that white piece up there!
  18. Cara Colour Eyewear Lind Glasses :: These are featured in the image above in pink and in the image at the title of this article in white.  Basically impossible not to feel cool AF wearing these.
  19. Glass Ring by Jane D’Arensbourg :: One of my latest jewelry purchases. Typically, I find that I change up my earrings and necklace situation daily, but my ring situation stays the same most of the time. So I’ve been wearing this on the reg.
  20. Trivets handmade by Sin at :: I like to think of trivets as kitchen jewelry. : )
  21. Pitt Nat Rose by Weingut Pittnauer from Austria makes a bright, fresh, biodynamic Pet-Nat, or Petillant Naturel, that should go perfectly with Southern fried chicken. Just saying. Pet-nats, should one want to know, are simply a style of sparkling wine in which only one fermentation occurs.  In lieu of adding yeast and sugars to still wine, which would create a second fermentation and gas (bubbles), pet-nat is simply bottled up during its first fermentation, trapping any gas that is created. Because of this method, the wines tend to have funkier aromas, are often cloudy, and incredibly delicious! As Mr. Natural says, “Try it! You’ll like it!”
  22. There is also another pet-nat that is not numbered on the title image of this article from Cruse Wine Co. that has become a house pet-nat of sorts at my home.  Its tart and floral, and makes a perfect first sipper to wet everyone’s whistle at a dinner party.


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